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Sustainability, social equality and the environment are now business problems. And corporate leaders can't depend on governments to solve them..

- Peter Senge, Founder, Society for Organisational Learning

Rural Economic And Social Development Organisation (RESDO) is a nonprofit, rural development and voluntary organisation in India whose mission is to eliminate poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy. RESDO  is an indigenous NGO based in Manipur  Churachandpur District. Northeast India (Himalyan Region). It was formed in 2005 by 15 people, group of social workers and is comprised of an energetic and qualified executives. RESDO have been providing voluntary services to women empowerment & awareness, expansion of education, development science & technology awareness in common people, and create jobs in rural areas since its beginning.

RESDO has contributed much to improve public health and sanitation in rural villages. The approach is now being extended into the neighbouring villages of Churachandpur district.

RESDO is Registered under Section 7(1) of the Manipur Societies Registration Act, 1989 (Manipur Act No.1 of 1990) .  Regn. No.199 of 2005

We work with governments, communities, and other key partners to extend the reach of health systems, rural development and improve the quality of services in effective and sustainable ways.

Mission: Attain general Rural Development through Education, Health Care, Empowerment of Women and Watershed Development.


Every person deserves to lead a more secure, prosperous, and dignified life. With that vision in mind, our mission is to strengthen community-led development initiatives to achieve positive social, economic, and environmental change across rural India.

With support from donors and partners, RESDO designs and promotes rural development interventions that create opportunities, build resilience, and provide solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in India’s poorest communities.

The organisation team works together with rural communities to create sustainable programs for managing water resources, increasing agricultural productivity, and strengthening rural governance. RESDO’s grassroots programs address three of rural India’s most pressing and interrelated issues: water security, food security, and social justice.

The team’s emphasis on gender equality and women’s empowerment is driven by the realization that human rights are central to developing every person’s potential.

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