How We Work

As a Small, Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) our reputation means everything to us. We develop solid and effective relationships with our clients and partners and we work with tried and tested consultants to deliver high quality technical work.

Some key aspects of how we work:

  • We apply a strong technical lens to the way we select and deliver our work. This means that we choose to pursue work that we think is important in terms of its potential impact and has a clear fit with our technical expertise. We only choose work that we have the capacity and technical capability to deliver to a high standard. Our continued technical focus and rigour are key reasons why clients repeatedly commission us.

  • Clear ownership and continuity. We always include members of our in-house technical team in a piece of work to ensure there is clear accountability and organisational input. This means that our clients can be confident they will receive a product that meets our high standards. We appoint a technical owner at the proposal stage so that they are directly engaged in shaping our offer and committed to delivering what is promised.

  • Flexible, responsive and output focused. We have strong processes in place but as a smaller organisation we are able to be flexible to meet the evolving needs of our contracts. We can make decisions and changes quickly as needs arise. We are proactive in helping our clients and partners identify and formulate their objectives and goals.

  • Integrated ways of working. We have a multi-disciplinary team of social development, project management, finance and business development professionals. They work closely together to deliver complex technical pieces of work that achieve maximum impact. This integrated way of working means that our clients benefit from the wider institutional experience of our organisation and the systems and process that we have in place to manage our work effectively without losing sight of the technical rigour that we are renowned for.

  • Objective and unbiased. Whilst we are driven by strong values and a commitment to achieving inclusion and equality for all. We are respected for being objective and unbiased and our professionalism is highly trusted.

  • Inclusive, open and transparent partnerships that provide voice and agency. We are strong believers in partnership and actively engage in partnership working – as both a lead and supporting partner. We work hard to put effective governance structures in place that allow us and our partners to fully engage and make meaningful contributions.

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